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need help with jetting

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alright iv got a 06 drz400sm, it's got the 3x3 mod, pro circuit T4 SLIP ON, and a twin air filter. Around here it's around 900 ft above sea level but i may ride up to around 4000, i have the dyno jet jet kit installed with a 155 main jet factory 22.5 pilot jet @ 3.5 turns out and bad backfires\popping on decel...i bought a 27.5 pilot jet and changed main jet to 150 (maybe too rich?)and in all gears (3rd gear the m0st) around half throttle it has a bad surge, went back to the 155 and it does the same thing...thanks in advance for any advice

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Your needle controls your mid throttle settings...Main Jet for WOT..at 3.5 turns you need to go up one size in pilot jet, not to 27.5..


160 main jet

dj needle

clip 2

dj slide spring

22.5 pilot jet with extended screw or 25 pilot jet with stock screw

2.75 turns fuel screw

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