Ever had your hip pop out of place?

Mine did last night while I was running. I got home and laid down to watch MNF and man it hurt for a couple hours. I could hardly move.

The wife told me this happened to her a while back when she was exercising and to try to pop it. I really couldnt because it hurt to bad, but while I was laying there on the floor it just *popped* when I tried to do a sit up and all was fine.

It was a really loud pop too.

Has this happened to anyone else?

YEP!! When I was a kid, my shoulder joints used to pop out all the time and then pop right back in with lots of pain. I wouldn’t be able to raise my arms over my head for a couple months after each incident.

Now, only my hips will do it, only nowhere near as painful.

That is strange. Did you ever get it checked by a doc?

I went for my run again tonight and I just got back and it feels like its out again. :D Only not as bad as last night.

Hey, at least I got my jog in! :)

Ha!! No of course not. My parents were too busy fixing my broken arm, smashed face with the broken teeth and my broken foot. :) Which is why I invested in ALL of the protective gear provided by the dirt bike industry.

I have no idea why that happened. I just go to the chiropractor and he adjusts my hips when they are tweaked. It usually lasts for a while.

Sounds like you were quite the problem child. :D

Your username fits ya. :)

Yeah, my mom used to call me Calamity Jane. :)


Mine popped out as a teen, result of a nasty 1st turn crash at Indian Dunes. I made for good traction and sure many people were able to benefit from body draped over the muddy turn :)

Anyways, it popped back in a day later so I ignored it. Until 6 months later when I started limping, couldn't turn to the right, etc etc. Had it x-ray'd and it hadn't gone all the way back in. Result being a permanently curved spine with vertebrae damage that can only be fixed with surgery. The upside is that as long as I keep my back strong, mostly with mountain bike riding a few times a week I'm fine. Stop the exercise and I can barely get out of bed. This was 25 years ago and it is no better no worse as long as I stay on it. And I always wear out my right shoe before the left, can't keep a ski straight, etc etc

Point of the story.....get it checked asap to be sure no other damage and that things are where they need to be.


I think my hip is screwed since my last accident, broke my ankle, tib and fib! Jammed my leg going into a turn! When i was recovering my hip area hurt more then my leg. I'm back to training and my hip seems to pop out and just does it's own thing every now and then SCARY. I asked the doc and he said that i may have damaged the hip socket, since the jolt did so much damage to my leg??I'm trying to build up the muscles in my legs to see if that helps??? :)

get it checked asap to be sure no other damage and that things are where they need to be

Thanks for the concern, but this wasnt related to getting run over or some type of accident. It just happened, really, for no reason other than a short jog. I just figured stuff like this happens with age. :)

I am going back to my Doc (ortopedic) on Dec 8th so I might ask him about it while Im there.



You know, it’s worth getting checked out.

At the same time though, don't the ligaments and stuff keep the hip joint in place?

So if you've injured the rest of your leg, it wouldn't be unheard of to have over-extended your suspensory(?) ligaments and now it's just a sloppy joint now because those things are stretched out of place???

Just going out on a limb here...maybe you just need a little more healing time.

Also, the other hip might be really, really tight because the body over-compensates to protect what is damaged and is pulling the other hip out.

Are my legs dangling over the limb yet??? :)

that's what i'm doing, stairs,biking and treadmill. I think it will heal in time!! I hope??


Maybe you can be like my first horse and have one leg longer than the other. Get some lifts on your boots??!! :D :D :)

Just kidding, give it some time.

Ive went back to running the last couple nights and my hip is fine now, so I guess it did just need some time to work out on its own.

Geez, now that Im getting old (32) all these weird things are going on with my body. Sucks. :)

Sorry you gained back the weight you lost!! Don't you hate coming back from vacation to reality!!!??? It stinks!!!!!

Sorry you gained back the weight you lost!! Don't you hate coming back from vacation to reality!!!??? It stinks!!!!!

Yea, reallity sucks. But Im not going to let it get me down.

Im going to jump right back on the horse that bucked me off and try to lose it again.

I dont regret what I did though. I'd med mad at myself if I went down there and didnt eat any good stuff. :)

Yes once when I was about 15 and again about 2 months ago both times while riding. It always seems to get better after a coupple of weeks though. :)

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