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Looking for a supermoto for track days.

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I recently started doing track days this summer on sport bikes. I found a few things out very quickly. 1- being 6'3" 215 is very uncomfortable on small sport bikes with rearsets. 2 - sport bikes don't crash well.

So, for next year I'm looking for other options. I used to own a drz400sm. I know that I dont want one again. They are underpowered and undersuspended. So that brings me to my current dilemma. Wher should I start?

I'd like the bike to be dual purpose for short road trips and track days. But a track only bike is not out of the question. I like two strokes like the KTM 300 but I can't find much info on how well they hold up on a road coarse. I need reliable. I want something that can take a lowside and still ride the rest of the day and something that won't blow on the front strait and 120mph. I would like to enter a novice race so something i could run in a class would be preferred. I'm partial to KTM.

Buy a 450 mxer and build a sumo? Which brand? Can it be a two stroke? How reliable are they? How fast are they? Should I buy a built mx sumo?

Buy a factory sumo. I've heard good and bad things about the Big bore bikes. I'm looking for a track bike that I can ride on the street not the otherway around. I need it to be reliable. I don't know where to start.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I thought KTM already built one ready to go --- i haven't seen one in a couple of years- Supermoto got real popular around my area for a couple of years and then died out , along with pitbike racing

The KTM was/is a sweet setup - just keep a spare set of dirt wheels around for it for trail rides and its almost a do-it-all system

Asking for 120mph out of any 450 is asking for a whole lot though


I just checked KTM's website, the 450 SMR is no more and the latest reference i could find to it was an '09 model, so you'd have to make your own if you want a new KAtoom


Aprilia makes a nice one if twin cylinders are legal in whatever class you want to ride it in though -- at a sweet price for what you get - just take the blinkers off - tape over the headlight and let 'er rip


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I'm looking in the used market right now. I forgot to mention that. Whats the deal with the sxv450?

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