did I, or didn't I?

had to vent my frustration after completely reassembling my engine and not being sure whether i replaced that little dowel and o-ring that carries oil between the two halves of the cases. now i am faced with the dilemma of whether to tear it all down again and check, or whether to put the bike back together anyway. i will probably spend more time deciding whether to do it or not than if i just do it.

i think we have all done something like this at some stage and been extremely pissed off at ourselves.

split the case.

sucks to hear, but there's a reason why it's there. It's better safe than sorry.

if you dont and it goes pop you know it. so get the spanners out it'll be practice:banghead:

had totally resigned myself to the fact that i was going to have to tear the engine down again, when i realised why i had a dowel (had picked up a collection of dowels from the wrecker) and also i could look through the oil gallery and could clearly see the dowel inside. so relieved not to have to do all that work again. now i am waiting for my frame from the sandblaster.

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