04 yz450f clutch

Hello there. i just got my back back from a rebuild. they had to split the case to change out the crank. after i re-broke it in i took it out and it seems like the clutch doesn't want to disengage. when i ride it it sounds like i am hallin butt and it revs like it should, but it doesn't seem to move like it should. it seems like i a riden the clutch or something. could the clutch have been put back together wrong, or i just need a new clutch......or do you guys think it could be something else. :busted: thanks

Disengage is when you pull the lever in and the clutch releases. Engage is when you let the lever out and the clutch hooks up. It sounds like you are saying that the clutch is not engaging completely and is slipping under a load. Check the free play at the lever. There should be about 3mm of slack movement in the lever.

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