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RM 250 making me smile!

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Hello all... So my 97 250 has always been a heavy, ugly beast, with a massive desert tank and beat up plastics. It was geared very tall, for desert, and difficult to ride in berms or jump. This weekend, I installed a stock tank and shrouds from a 99, (which look waaaay better) and new sprockets, 13/48. After test riding it, it brings a smile to my face. I can nail berms and turns, grab gears like there's no tomorrow, and jump to the sun!

Anyways, I am going to pick up a paddle today, and fab up a whip mount. Then I will complete my facelift with a new yellow front fender and some stickers, plus a good pressure washing. Can't afford to buy a new expansion chamber though, so don't laugh at me:banghead:

Got the stock tank and shrouds with a brand new sprocket set off craigslist for only $70:banana:

Anyways, it's a budget ride, and up for sale. *cough cough, pm me cough cough* so I will be looking for a new bike soon, one that's less beat up but still yellow!

Will post before and after pics by next weekend, when I finish.:busted:

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