YZ400 shavings in oil filter


I change the oil on my bike today, and in the filter was a lot of metal shavings. Some of them was magnetic.. The bike starts and runs perfect, so my plan was to flush the engine with diesel or gas to get the rest of the shavings out, flush with cheap oil, and finish with a good oil. But where do they come from? Have anyone here seen/tried any like this?

The two things i can think of is, too cheap oil (the one i used last have the same approvals as the service manual says it should have), or the shavings come from the kickstarter gear. I remember I by accident, got the kickstarter down while the bike was running.

shavings are normal. every time i change my oil there are more and this has been going on for 13 years and my bike has never broke down or not started. unless if it's very large chunks and it completely covers the whole filter. by that point you'll have much larger issues though.

Roger that. Thank you! Well I flushed it anyway and did two oil changes, both times oil and filter looked the same (10min run only) and there were shavings/alloy flakes both times, guess its just how its gotta be...


That means your filter is doing its job.

obviously yes =) :busted:

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