are these engines noisey

Hi all im new to wr/yzf and was wondering if the engines on wr450 are genraly noisey i have wr450 03 model that starts hot or cold ticks over all day long and has loads of comp and goes well doesnt smoke i was told engine had been refurbed and given old piston,timing chain, chain adjuster,cams,and con rod so i belive him, but it does sound agricutaral i know its hard to say what something should sound like when you can't hear it but was just just wondering if thats how they are??

yes they're noisy, especially if you have a metal skid plate under the motor as it reflects all that sound towards the rider.

+1 for noisy

You have to learn to ignore it or you will convince yourself something is wrong.

have had a wr from a 400 , to steel frame 450 , to new in 08 450 and they still get me jittery after a while you catch a noise and think that cant be right but in all honesty they've never gone wrong, and mine generally get a dose of wales which aint easy on bikes. does sound like a bag of spanners in a tin best fix ? ear plugs same as turning up the radio in a car:ride:

Thanks for getting back to me, thats good to know, thats exactly what i do pymn2001 a different noise every other corner,(could make you paranoid) and i do have the ally bash plate so all makes sence now,now i know alls ok i will learn to ignor the noise or stick some ear plugs, i thought that was the case but thought i best check with you guys

Thanks again

i hear the cam chain banging off the cases once and awhile and a few other noises but it seems to be holding together for now,,,just changed the oil -no pieces of engine,,,nothing to worry about,,:busted:

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