dual sport

I've read some of the posts concerning dual sporting a green sticker bike in california.

My question is what's the procedure?

Once I get my dual sport kit what do I do to get it registered?

Is it a pain to do?

I took my smog pump off, are they gonna look for that?

Do they inspect the bike?

Should I put my stock exhaust tip on if they do inspect it?

I read that starting next year they're not going to let you do it anymore so I thought I would do it now while I still can.

If any of you guys have gone through this before your help would be grealty appreciated.


Sorry man, I'm in Texas here. No smog rules for bikes here.

You have to get it inspected after the kit is installed. Usually your dearler can do this for you. It is an inspection to see if the lights work properly. Depending on how friendly you are with them is how strict they can be. All lights have to work as well as the horn and the tail light needs to stay lit for 15 minutes without the bike running. Most do not check that. As far as the exhaust tip or the smog pump nobody gives a hoot. As long as you get that light inspection you are good to go. What is funny is that a forest ranger will give you a ticket for your bike being too loud with the hrc tip but the highway patrol won't look twice when a Harley passes you and is twice as loud.

I just sold my XR650R, I made it street legal. This is the only way to go. Get the Baja Designs kit and get it registered before December 31 2003. After that the law changes and NO alterations will be accepted for registration.

Yeah, I really don't get the logic behind not letting a green sticker bike be dual sported.

So I go to the dealer and say I got a bike I dual sported and I need it inspected. Then what? Do they give me a form to take to the DMV?

What is the DMV's scoop on getting green sticker bikes dual sported? I read something about a month ago on this topic and would like to read it again. Does anyone know where I can get this information? What I do remember is that I thought it said that if your bike is 2002 or older that you will still be eligible for setting up for dual sport. Can anyone confirm this?

I've heard that you have to get it done before january 2004.

That's why I'm gonna do it now before it's too late.

My brother is doing a Lancaster to Vegas dual sport ride over thanksgiving this year and it sounds pretty cool. That's another reason why I'm doing it. :)

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