Referrence needed

Hello guys,

I know that this is a 4 stroke forums. But I got a deal on an old dirt bike for not to many $$, and that would be perfect for my 15 years olds as first bike, and may be I could get my loved one to try it,and once she is hooked, may be a ttr... Life is full of surprises.

So I need to know of some places(sites) for a Yamaha IT 175 1982.

Any suggestions is welcome


You might have better luck with this question if you tried it over in the vintage forum.

The guys over there might know of more vintage related stuff.

No guarantees. :)

click Parts & Service top menu bar

click Parts Catalog

select motorcycle from the Catalogs: drop down menu

click 1982

click IT175J (1982 motorcycle)

This is a geat parts reference for anyone working on a Yamaha. For others interested, Yamaha has parts listings list back to 1963. The pick list function allows you to group all the part numbers you want and print them out.


This is great :)

And I'll check in the vintage forum too.

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