Help Messed up Uncorking??


I bought the bajadesigns kit to modify the carb a week ago. I hole sawed out the exhaust baffle, removed the air restrictors, pulled the carb out and replaced the main jet with a 172, installed the HRC needle set to the 3rd clip (as is suggested) replaced the needle seat with the recommended one, and changed out the manifold to the "O" shape.

Once I finished with this it started like a dream and sounded like a real thumper for around 3 seconds. After that it started running really rich and then died. Following that when I would try to kick it it dripped gas on every other kick and would not start. I finally got it started again but WOW was it running rich and sounded like it was not firing right. I killed it and put it in my garage.

Hmmmm what did I do wrong? I was thinking perhaps I inverted the needle seat? It was the only thing I was not sure about. I also thought maybe I could try setting the stock needle to the #4 position and using it instead of the HRC one. Did I put the carb back together wrong? :)

If anyone had any ideas I would really appreciate it..


2002 XR650R

Dual Sported

Running between sealevel and 2000ft

Did I put the carb back together wrong?

From the sound of it, I'd say the float is stuck in the lower position, drop the float bowl and check to see what could be hanging up(down?) the float.

Would the bike idle fine? Did it start running rich as you opened up the throttle?

When I uncorked mine I put the HRC needle in at the 4th position and it would run fine until about 1/2 throttle then it was acting like it was too rich. I then re-installed the stock needle in (4th clip position) and it ran fine. I then installed the HRC needle (clip at either 3rd or 4th I can't remember) and it runs fine now.

Also try adjusting your fuel/air mixture screw...should be about 2 to 2 1/4 turns out.

Also, make sure you didn't leave your choke on, but it sounds like what loufish said (stuck float or dirt in the seat).

If you thought the bike ran OK in terms of performance before these mods, you're gunna love it uncorked :)

Loufish; I will check the carb, perhaps you are right I was a little confused as to how to close the carb when I was done, but I thought I had it. Maybe I cought up the float somehow. :)

Freakboy, It did not idle well and would die if I didn't keep the throttle cracked a bit, but like you said if I opened it up it ended up sounding REALLY rich and even worse at higher revs. I could try the needle change while I am in there as well I suppose.

As soon as I get home I will crack it open and check it out.. Thanks for everyones input I appreciate it!

Does anyone have an opinion on the 4 place on the stock versus the 3rd notch on the HRC needle? Are they essentially the same or is the HRC more rich?

Can't wait to get it uncorked properly!!



2002 XR650R

Dual Sported

Does anyone have an opinion on the 4 place on the stock versus the 3rd notch on the HRC needle? Are they essentially the same or is the HRC more rich?

They're very similar and your bike will run well with either if these needles at the settings you listed. Make sure there's no dirt or crud in the float's seat that might prevent the float valve from closing or operating smoothly.

The stock setting for the float is too high. But that is not your problem cause you wouldn't notice that until you start doing some hill climbing where you have to go slow. Then it will flood your system.

There is a small pipe running at an angle right next to the float. It inserts into a slot in piece of tin on the bottom (bowl) of the carb. If you do not line it up properly when putting the two parts of the carb together it will jam the float open. Do you have a copy of the XR650 shop manual? There is a free copy online you can down load that shows a picture of these parts. :)

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