Anyone geared down their 2011 ?

I find 3rd gear winding out a bit quick on my 2011 , someone said to go up one tooth in rear to help open up the gear a bit ??? Anyone done this and found success ? Thanks

If third winds out too quickly, gearing down would only make matters worse, unless the plan was to use 4th more often.

I run a 50 tooth rear on my 2011 and it evens everything out nicely in my opinion.

I'm running a 50 also... I think it makes 2nd and 3rd a lot more usable on the track and in the desert gnar...

You won't use 1st ever on the track, but it's nice to have the lower first in the nasty rocks and roots if you ride that.

I also high recommend the FWW.. I don't notice it at all as far as reducing the snap, but it does make the bike tractor better at a lower RPM

Yup running a 50 rear too, I'm heavy so I find it just closes the gap and I can now use 4th more, I race the bike in cross country and harescramble

i went up one tooth on counter shaft. i like it

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