Walk thru on the new house, any tips?

We have our walk thru on the new house tomorrow. Does anyone have anything special we should look for? Any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated.




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Bill, don't worry about being picky. Point out every little discrepancy no matter how small. Carry masking tape and put a piece every where there is a blemish. We were so anal when we walked through ours. But hey, when you pay half a million for a home, it better be perfect.

BTA...Just kidding about the half million part.

Videotape the entire thing. Just say "Speak loudly into the microphone Mr. Builder…" You will not have any problems what-so-ever.

be anal, be very anal. Video & still pics will be worth their weight in gold a year from now when you have a problem. Go into the attic & crawl space(if applicable).

Got the builders home ph & address? You will probably need it when you have a problem. One of my co-workers bought a new house a year ago and is now needing some repairs - the builder just doesn't seem to have the time to return the messages.


Hey Bill congrats on new house. Start a list on your computer with all the problems, list room problem and dates (notified builder/repaired. When you give the builder the list have two copies and carbon paper. Have him sign and date when he receives (unless he was my builder and refuses to sign). Cover your ass everyway you can think off because he (the builder) will say he never received or had info on your problems. Make sure you get a warranty book, after 3 years nobody in our developement has gotten one. First they were at the printers, then printers screwed up, now it's "I don't believe in warranty books as the only show whats not warrantied" Great but what is and for how long, who makes roof tiles and guarentee etc... Some of our neighbors are sueing now. Good luck.


are you going to make it to Stonyford on Sat? Didn't realize you were a local.



I,ve been in construction for 15 years now and believe me, this is what you want to do. Bring at least two other people with you, everybodies eyes see different deficiencies. Bring a pad of paper and include date, time, people present etc..

Walk through every room of the house once briefly before you start your list. Count on at least a two hour or more inspection. Do not argue with the builder about if it's good or not, simply say your not accepting it. Have extra person A or B keep notes/minutes of inspection and builders replies. Every builder is a GREAT GUY up to the minute he's been paid in full. Remember most builders must carry a fund for warranty work (in Canada anyway) Make sure when you finish inspecting you read the notes to him and he signs them as accurate. If he doesn't want to sign, guess what. If he doesn't have enough time, make him sign whats complete already. Then assess what the cost of all repairs are (think really high) and deduct that or refuse any payment till he complies with HIS signed list. Experience is a bitch to work with eh!

If you are not familiar with the building codes, either bring someone who is or pay for an inspection. Even on a new home. Most people think that with a new home there isn't much to worry about. Wrong! I didn't catch a serious building defect on my first new home until the first rain! The builder will run into a problem and they can be pretty creative in order to keep construction moving. Also, set aside at least a few hours for your walk through. You'll need the time to do a thorough job. If you don't like something, ask for it to be fixed. If the builder won't, don't sign!

If your house is on a foundation and a crawl space under it, check for standing water . Also check the property for drainage. Look in the attic, notice and measure the depth of the insulation.

Brian wish I could go but I'm heading up to Shasta for the Shasta Dam GP Will have to get a group of THUMPER TALKERS to STONEYFORD for a weekend ride.

Originally posted by Brian Meadows:


are you going to make it to Stonyford on Sat? Didn't realize you were a local.


Hey Bill:

I just moved into a new house (January 1) and 10 days after we moved in there was a rain storm and the roof had major leaks. About $10k in damage and two months of living in a construction zone. Thankfully homeowners insurance covered a good part of it. It was a tile roof, so I was thinking that the roof would be the least of my worries.....

We also had leaks in the wall to concrete junction on the porch which floods the garage (which is great when all your possesions are in boxes on the garage floor!).

The previous owners denied everything. The roofer said the leaks were not new and the contractor found evidance that previous damage was covered up. We should have suspected when we noticed the ceiling was freshly painted with enamel to hide the water damage.

The bottom line, like everyone says, be very anal and document everything.

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