Best way to fix skidplate mounting tabs

The threaded inserts on both of my front skidplate mounting tabs have pulled out of the aluminum. Can't use a heli-coil or timesert since there is nothing for them to back up to. I thought about just tapping the aluminum for a bigger screw but I doubt that would last very long, especially since bashing over rocks and logs puts quite a bit of stress on those threads.

Any good ideas? 2008 YZ450 BTW

if there's still holes just put bolts and nuts on it! and lock/crush/smoosh (w.e. you wanna call it!) washers of course

if there's still holes just put bolts and nuts on it! and lock/crush/smoosh (w.e. you wanna call it!) washers of course

That was my initial thought, but how to get a wrench/socket on the backside to hold it while tightening or removing?

Maybe one of these?

You have to scroll down to get to the metric ones. You'd need the 6mm X 1.00 inserts. It looks like the shortest one is slightly over .315 long, which equates really close to 8mm. I'm not certain how long/deep our little skid plate mounting tabs are, but I'd guess just over .250 thick? :busted:


In EDIT: If these inserts are slightly long, I don't see what the harm is of them extending out the "back side" of the mounting tabs. There seems to be enough dead air space back there to get by with that....

From the Full Torque web page: "FFT style inserts are the most popular and easy to install. They finish flush to the surface when installed.

Torquing the bolt into the insert creates the upward force required to maintain the radial drawing force that reinforces the surrounding metal."

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Added a thought I had....

Hey, old buddy...

Check into Spring Nuts. See if something like that will work for you. Should be available at most auto parts stores in all kinds of sizes.

could weld on a nut to the other side! and then you only have to use one wrench/socket!

You could, but it's aluminum, and the engine is kind of in the way.

Because of the way that the tabs are formed, those are probably the best solution.

I used these. They work excellent and have held up to desert abuse:

That looks like a good solution. How are they installed...special tool? Or can you simply torque a bolt down until the rivet collapses and forms the grip? What size did you use?

There is a tool similar to a riveter that speeds things up when you do a lot of them, but you can also set them using a longer bolt with a nut and washer.

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