why not stock?

why not stock?

my 03 wr450 is stock ilive in utah and do mostly trail riding my bike is stock and seems to be set up for the riding i do i hear and have read about the must do mod's cutting the grey wire,the air box etc. but i dont want to make the bike go the wrong way for the type of riding i do can you help? i've been away from riding for alot of years glad to be back and i love my bike : :


If you love like it is just keep loving it. If you get to the point that you want more out of it look into the free mods.. Each one will give it more zip. I would recommend that you look into the YZ throttle stop. The stock WR stop only lets you get to about 2/3 throttle. You don't have to use the top 1/3 often but it sure is nice those times you want it. Have fun.

This is why the bike is perfect for you right the way it is: "? i've been away from riding for alot of years glad to be back and i love my bike". If you are anything like me, within 6 months you will have done every mod available to the bike.

Have Fun!

The 450 is jetted lean from the factory. It has a tendency to backfire and break the flywheel key. If that happens it will be a long walk home.

I would get a Promoto baffle,a JD jet kit and get a YZ throttle stop and take the baffle out of the airbox.

Why not let the thing run to its ptential. Your looking at a couple hours with the wrenchs.

I havn't been on a dirt bike in over 20 years. I bought a 2003 WR450F and love it. I went out once stock and it was good. I went down and bought the YZ throttle stop screw this weekend and rode again with it installed. It makes a BIG difference for the straight stretches. If you want to go slow it will do the same as the old screw did, so you don't have to worry about it "changing" the way it performs now. Enjoy your new toy!! :D:)

Have you guys read the off-road.com write up for the W. I highly recommend performing all of the mods from it. TRUST me, you will not be dissapointed. Read my sig too if you want anymore suggestions. Im coming from an xr650r and I think my W now has more power. My $.02 :):D

The free/cheap mods aren't going to change your bike for anything but the better. The quality is retained. And you're just moving the power band up, not shifting it all over the place. Get a YZ throttle stop. Clip the gray wire. Remove the airbox baffle. If you want to spend a few $$ get a pro moto or GYT-R exhaust insert. A few bucks more and two hours max wrenching for a JD jetting kit. In every one of these cases you are losing absolutely nothing and gaining horseys... you won't be sorry. Plus, you can do all that for less than $200 and a couple hours of time.

why buy a wr when you could have gotten a xr 200. that is what a stock 400 feels like without the stop cut, airbox lid in place and the baffle in.

You really don't need the jet kit...I put a 162MJ and a 45PJ in her, did all the free mods and am very happy....no jetting issues,ie; no stumbles, stutters, minimal bog from closed throttle and it cost me $8 :)......dealer had the jets in stock.

I'm at ~2500ft and ride to ~9k when we hit the mountains. In 100*F + temps with the GYTR baffle out, she's slightly rich, which is fine with me. Once it cools down, she should be perfect..... :D :D

thank's guy,s for your replys i do have the gyt-r insert think i'll try the free mods thank's for your help

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