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98 TE 410 LHS kick general questions

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Was looking at a local 98 te410 as a possible dual sport, by dual sport I mean more road then dirt(but will see sand/rock action), but small 5 or 10 miles trips, maybe 30 mph. Looking for a decent dual sport to move down to mexico with.

As far as dual sporting, do the engine and trans hold up well on the streets?

Will be in a very humid (95%) sea level area, how are they generally at starting?

Any parts compatibility with newer 410, 610 etc? Plastics or engine wise..

As far as the electrical on these things, does the generator provide a good amount of juice, can a battery be added to the system and get charged by the system?

The one particular bike I am looking at, has 2 levers on the clutch side, which seems strange, normal thing or some kind of custom upgrade for the brakes or something?

I have read about the oil setup in them, guess no pump of any sort, which would be bad for long steady throttle trips..can a oil cooler of anything help with that?

Not much info on the web as far as the older 410's it seems, hopefully someone can help.

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