Chain help: RK o-ring / x-ring

Whoops! I bought a new RK o-ring from a friend that had been cut down. Turns out it is 1 link (2 pins) too short. :busted:

Does anyone have a leftover segment from a RK o-ring or x-ring cain laying around? Has to be RK, as they use their own ID on the chain links. Really don't want to buy another chain. I'll pay for shipping.

I have a number of "left over" sections of RK XSO series 520 links, plus either rivet or clip type master links in stock. I buy all my chains at 120 links, roll them over the sprockets and cut where it needs to be cut. Eliminates application chart errors, non-stock gearing issues, etc, etc, etc. so I have probably enough pieces to make another complete chain.

Thank you MX Tuner. PM Sent.

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