Float needle constantly sticking

Hey everybody,

Over the past couple of months I have started to have problems with the float needle sticking on my bikes. It started on my 01 Raptor 660 and now my 03 yz450 is doing it too. I figured maybe it was because I was leaving the gas on so I tried draining the gas out when I shut them off but then they just stick open. So they stick open or closed. When I take them apart I have to soak the needles with some penetrating fluid and then pull them out with pliers. The raised portion of the jets are always corroded which is what is causing them to stick, A little emery cloth polishing and they are good to go. But if I let them sit a week then I have to do the whole process over again. Any ideas as to what is causing this? I was wondering if maybe the needles had some sort of coating that was wearing off and causing the corrosion. Should I replace the needles to fix it and if so where is the best place to get replacement parts like those? Thanks for your help guys!

EDIT: I should note that I only use 93 octane gas but I have been using the same brand for the past 10 years with no problems til now. So I don't think its the quality of gas itself.

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IMO, the fuel is the prime suspect. If you can find out when the gas staions in your area switch over to their winter blend, you'll probably find that that date coincides with the onset of your problems. Switch brands for a while or add Sea Foam to your fuel to see it the trouble goes away.

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