Rotation ticking - check your bike - please

I need an easy favor from some of you guys.

My bike is making a clicking noise. It comes from the countershaft sprocket axle. By the manual this is called the "drive axle".

When my bike is on the stand in neutral, and I spin the rear wheel forwards or backwards, there is an audible clicking that occurs with each revolution of the drive axle.

If you have a moment, please put your bike up on the stand a try to determine if yours is doing the same. The noise is not as loud as the chain clickity, clickitying around the rollers, so you will need to listen fairly close - if it's happening, you will hear it.

Please let me know what you find.

BTW - Hick and I have a thread going on this which I started - see the rotational ticking topic near this one - originated by me.

Thanks, Boomer

FYI when you started that thread I had a look at mine (thrashed '00, virginal '01), and both were quiet as a mouse aside from chain noise.

just checked my old '00, quiet also...

I was working on my '01 this past weekend and did a lot of spinning of the back while while it was on the stand and didn't notice anything unusual. I'm always listening for odd noises so I'm 99% sure that it was not making the noise which you reported.

O.K. - thanks guys - that's how mine used to be "quiet".

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