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Is it a DRZ 400e or a DRZ400s

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Hi all,

I've tried a search but nothing.

I bought a DRZ 400 back in August, it was advertised as the E model but the UK log book only states it as a DRZ 400.

My local Suzuki dealer did a search with the chassis number but with no results coming back, it may be an import into the UK.

Is there some way i can identify witch model it is.

Its a 2003 model, has a plastic tank, no clocks, indicaters ( turn signals )

can any of you experts advise me of any differences between the two models.

Many thanks in advance.


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off the cuff.... if it doesn't have any of the items to be street legal already on it, its prolly an "E" model.

they are almost the same bike.

another thing you could look at is the sprockets.... although those are easy to change.

i also think the carbs might be different between the E and S models, but that may be for California models only.

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Check the carb... If it says keihlin on side. That's e mpdel carb.

Likes Shootsma said, if it don't have speedo or indicators or anything, probably and E.

S models come factory with all that.

You said plastic gas tanks? -E model.

If no bright on headlight? -E model.

NO subframe under rear fender? - E model

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