Cole Creek Ohv TN.?

has anyone ever rode a bike at Cole creek ohv. some friends were taking quads and jeeps. do you think I would have fun on my woods bike?

Never been there, but how could you not have fun?

i was told that its not a place for bikes because of gravel roads and lots of rocks. so i just wanted to see what other people thought of cole creek.

did you check the regional thread? might be a better place to ask

I was down at Brimstone, which is close to Coal Creek, a few years back and was told by some other bikers the coal creek was great on bikes. We just didn't have enough time to check it out.

I live in TN and have been to Coal Creek on bikes a few times. Most of the trails there are jeep / quad width. There is some singletrack, but the locals keep it secret. Post around enough and you'll find someone who will hook you up.

There is more riding at Coal Creek than can be done in 3-4 days. If you go you will have fun. Buy your permit and map onsite (vs. at a local store) and get the doods at the cashier booth to mark up the map with the best bike trials. Or find some fellow bikers in the parking area and get with them.

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