need rear fender

well, im getting pretty cocky, flipped my bike backwards on a hill today and broke my rear fender on the right side (its actually straighter now, LOL), anyways, who makes the best pig plastic? i still want black plastic but i figure i could probably dye a red one black which will look cool after i scratch the crap out of it riding in the trees. I think it quit scaring me, i better get some more power so i quit doing stupid crap. I also wonder, who makes the best throttle tubes? mine is sticking, part of the reason why i went over instead of just jumping the top :):D. Thanks in advance, JR.

Motion Pro makes a good plastic replacement throttle tube. I got one for my Pig. It has a knock out plug on the end of it so if you run hand guards you have a hole waiting for you at the end. I put the Tusk Deflectors on my bike. Like mucho :)

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