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Lake Elsinore Grand Prix track change

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I'm just looking for some other opinions here, to see if we're way out of line...

The people putting on the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix(in Lake Elsinore, Ca) changed the course yesterday with no warning. Not only did they change it, they completely changed it to a course no one has ever ridden before, and added part of an MX track, when the original course did not have any parts of an MX track. They did this without sending an email to all pre-registered riders, and only put up a post about it on their website. Also, from what we can see, their is very very minimal viewing for spectators now. Many people are angry about this, for various reasons.

The LEGP is very expensive, and people pay as much as twice the entry fees for other GPs based on the heritage of the race, and getting to race down main street, etc. As this is a race that has been run for many years.

People feel that the reason given for the course change is not entirely truthful, and don't like the feeling of having the wool pulled over their eyes.

Many racers take their families so that they can watch, and the veiwing areas may have been drastically diminished.

Riders are worried for their safety, as the course change has come at so late a date that their may not be ample time to have the course set up safely, and the racers' bikes may not be properly set up. With the time constraints it might be difficult to change them, and they won't know what to change them for anyway. Also, many riders may show up unaware of the course change, due to the fact that there weren't emails sent out to pre- registered racers.

We are quite upset with the situation, and would love to hear some feedback regarding a) opinions on the matter, and :busted: what course of action we should/you would take.

I'm sorry if this isn't where I should post this, feel free to move it if needed.

Thank you so much if you've taken the time to read through this.

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The only place you will be able to see the race is at the stadium or the mx track. The stadium says they are charging $5 for parking but they have said that before and when I showed up they were charging $10. I.m alomost positive the Mx track will also be charging $10 to watch. What they should do is charge $5 for parking pass and make so you can go back and forth if you want.

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I am not a thumpette, but I'm doing the LEGP this weekend so I hope I'm allowed to post here. Just stumbled across this thread.

I got the two emails from the Storm Events President, and I thought it was pretty bogus. A lot of people seem pretty mad about this and I can see why. It's not such a big deal for me personally because I've never ridden the other track anyway. But it is frustrating to have them change everything up with so little notice. And I signed up for the race (my first one) because I watched a lot of videos of the track and it looked like really simple stuff. I doubt the MX track will present any dangerous obstacles, but it sucks none the less.

Last time I checked the forecast it was calling for lots of rain on saturday - Sure glad I'm racing Sunday...

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