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Honda 87' XL250R Random 'Tick'

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My 1987 Honda XL250R has been making a Tick/Click noise at idle. The noise is 100% random, its not like "Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick", it's just one random loud "Tick" every once and a while. When it makes the sound, the engine misses 1 firing. I think it could be spark plug wire arcing to the gas tank because that would explain the missfire. However, inspected the spark plug wires at night and have not seen any arcs. My father thinks it could be that the timing chain is lose and hitting the casing, but i don't think so because it would not explain the miss-fire unless it was really lose. If you could give me some insight on it would be very appreciated, Thanks:)this

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warn timing chain and but usless the chian breaks it never hit the case

warn timing sprockets

warn tensioner‎ guide‎

weak soft or broken valve springs

warn rocket arm can cuases binding

warn cam lode

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