97 rm 125 clutch adjustment issues

I just put a new clutch kit and cable into the bike and I can not get it adjusted properly. No matter where I adjust it to it lurches when I shift into gear. Why?

If it keeps "lurching" then check your clutch basket for grooves and if you have grooves just file them down.

mine was doing the same from grooving

i went in today and filed mine down (its cheaper than 200+new one)

now it works like brand new

i also sanded the filed edges down too smooth the filled edges down

look up videos on you tube to pull apart and put back together properly

good luck

filing the basket is ok but if you plan on keeping the bike you will need a new basket in time.

I determined that the basket is ok...sounds like it may be a bent shift fork. Saving my pennies to get it done beforespring

A bent shift fork would not make it lurch forward. That only controls the gears position/what gear your in. There is something dragging in your clutch to cause the lurch. Using the correct oil? Soak clutch before install? You could try a lighter oil maybe. My bike does this until it gets warmed up then no lurching.

Typical Suzuki issues. Check your basket and hub for notching and burrs. Automotive ATF type F works well in Suzuki's 'less than desirable' clutch components. And as said, soaking your friction plates beforehand is a good idea.

We've still got a 98 125 that sits around if my boys want to go riding with me. It's been a good 10 years now, but I remember reading somewhere that taking the clutches push-rod and filing the squared end (that goes inward) to a more rounded shape will help with your issue... don't know why, but I did it and it helped.

Our 98 has a Hinson basket, a 'like new' OEM hub, good OEM frictions, modified push-rod, ATF, adjusted to a minimal amount of free-play at the lever/perch, and it still drags somewhat, just gotta live with it.

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