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Wanted - casting from bottom of LH USD fork

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I'm hoping it's OK to post for wanted items up here, if not please remove, I won't be offended :busted:

I've managed to get hold of a pair of USD forks and yokes from an SM, only problem is one of the caliper mounting lugs is missings. I'm aiming this plea at UK based TT'ers really, due to the cost involved in getting parts across the pond, does anyone have any bent or bust up legs with the brake side lower casting intact that they would be willing to sell on?

Another option that I was considering was using RM forks. Where is the offset that is so important to the handling? Is it machined into the yokes or is it to do with the axle position relative to the fork leg in the lower casting?

It would be nice to be able to use RM forks, because that way I can use the discs I've got (320mm on SM wheels and standard 'e' disc on offroad wheels). If I use the SM forks it means buying a 310 disc and swapping it between wheels when changing over.


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