Fork Nick

Help, I developed a leak in one of my fork seals this weekend. My '01 426 is only 2 months old. Due to the extensive reading I've been doing here on TT, unfortunately I have found that is isn't uncommon. BUT, after doing some investigation on this last night (Film Negative trick, general inspection) I noticed a very small nick on the higher portion of my slider tube, right in line with the leak. CRAP!! I need to know if I can have this buffed out. Like I said, it's very small and you can barely see it, but if you run your finger along it, you can definately feel it. I tried to do a little rubbing away with my finger nail, but can still feel the nick. Any suggestions on what to use, or how to do this would be a pocket book saver. I really don't want to have to buy a new tube. Also, does anyone know of any kind of sleve to go around these sliders to protect the back sides from rock nicks?? If not, I'm going to make my own out of neopren and velcro.

Thanks in advance.



Yea you can take it out with some emery cloth or scotch brite. But be careful, I had a nick and it took off TOO MUCH chrome!!! But it was my own fault as I used a file!!!

:) Don't ask.....

Thought I was gonna havta buy a new leg, but it's holding for now...

On my previous CR's I took out nicks all the time, it seems like the YZ plating isn't as good.

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I have had great success with using a new, flat knife sharpening stone. Using the edge of the stone, carefully hand grind the burr (and only the burr) until it is smooth and flush.

You can sand the nick with 900 grit sand paper however it is a slow process. I removed a large scratch about 7 inches long using a crisscross pattern with great results. It did take three hours of sanding however! The fork leg will be a little dull in that area but that beats buying a new leg. I ended up using 400 and 600 grit due to the size of my damage. Just be patient and use an "x" pattern.

Yo Roosters,

Thanks for the advice. The nick I had was quite small, just enough to cause the oil seal to leak. I used a super fine sanding pad to begin with, and finished it with a small piece of 800 grit finishing wet dry paper. Seemed to work fine. Now, any tips on removing and replacing the oil seal.(aside from the obvious and trying to follow the manual) I bought a seal and fork oil yesterday and am working on mustering enough currage to disassemble my forks. Any additional help would be appreciated.



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