What year will fit?

Want to go to a 18" rear on my 2010 yz450. Jus not sure which wr rim will work, or any rim to be honest.

The YZ's got a bigger rear axle in '09, up to 25mm from 22mm I think. Not sure if the WR got the same bigger axle so you may be out of luck to easily swap out your YZ wheels for a WR one.

I'm not 100% sure on that info though so would like to hear someone else in the know chime in. And I thought there was a wheel interchangeability thread somewhere that you might want to have a look at.

The WR, at least up to and including the '11 model, never got the 25mm axle. No bearings have been found to make the conversion, so if you want an 18" rim, you're going to have to buy the rim and spokes and build one.

Thanks gray. Your knowledge for these bikes knows no bounds!

I bought a moose 18" rim and spoke kit and lacing it up tomorrow night on my 2011. paid 165

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