Are forks directional?

I'd like to move the bars on my 2011 to the forward position, to give myself a little bit more room. (long arms) But, I've heard that they get in the way of the air bleeder valve on the top of the forks.

Can I turn the forks around so that the bleeder valve is at the rear, or do the forks have to remain in the stock orientation?

Thanks for any info. :busted:

Yes, you can rotate the top part of the fork around for better access to the bleeder valve.

Great, thanks for the quick response.

But remember to run 3 circles counter clockwise around the bike before first ride ! :busted:

yes you can

The only downside is that rotating the vent screws (they aren't bleeders) to the rear will sometimes allow a bit of oil out as the excess pressure is released. Other than that, doing this will disorient any stickers you have on the forks, and might annoy LEO's in California by turning your green/red sticker inward.

I tried my bars on the forward mount and did not like it, the stearing felt heavier somehow, and these bikes are unbalanced as it is toward the front, it was even worse with the bars forward,

I am 6'2" so im pretty tall and the bars in the rear holes are perfect

Also I run a top mount damper and I dont tink there is a mounting option for the damper in the forward position

Everyone is different. One of the big things I like about the Windham bend bars on my bike is the fact that in addition to the increased height the hand position is as much as an inch forward of YZ Mids or the Reed bend. Not only does it make the bike roomier when standing up, but I had quit the opposite experience with steering response that you did.

'Could well be different on the newer bike, though.

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