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KTM 200 EXC Speedo Sensor Location

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Hi all,

I just picked up a 2003 ktm 200 exc 3 days ago and love it. :busted:

there's a few small problems to get sorted. The speedo sensor is the one im stuck on here.

(ive searched the forum for an answer before posting this but couldn't find one)

So i got myself a motion pro new speedo cable. My ktm 200 has the digital clock so there is a 2 pin block connector that goes into the back on the clocks - thats fine.

However i cant see where the other end of the wire/cable goes??

It has a metal end with two nuts on it. I can see the magnet that built into the front brake disc. I presume it picks up a pulse off this?

Should i just drill a hole in the fork guard and try and line it up that way? Im afraid it will rub the fork leg and damage the chrome though...

Can anyone advise where is should be? Thanks! :busted:

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There is a hole tapped in your front brake bracket.

cheers for that, i found it :busted:

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