Rampart Weds Night Anyone?

I generally would be up for it, but not tomorrow, Tues or Thurs usually is best for me- I have a couple of friends that go with me after a big rain. Be up for taking off work for that? Want us to give you a call before we go next?

BTW, we are going to check out the NCTR ride this weekend-Estes to Poudre. Never met those guys before but want to find some new trails. Any interest?

You bet, call me anytime. 303-231-4872 at work. I was hoping these afternoon rains would continue. I looked around all last week for someone to peel with but no takers.

BTW, did you join the Colorado Trail Riders List? I started that one yesterday to get Rampart, Woodland Park riders hooked up. 8 people so far and growing!



I joined. You can reach me at 303 548-0488. After a big rain I will go, probably two other guys too.

I'm riding Rampart after work tomorrow, anyone want to go?

Roostn in Golden


Are you still in Lyons as it says on your TT profile? I was wondering if there are any good trails up there?


Some trails, rocky though, not like RR. I may check out this group ride near me saturday, see www.cohvco.org/nctr/

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