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Colorado Bicycle trials, anyone?

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Is anyone here interested in bike trials or already riding bike trials?

I know most of ya'll are 30+ y/o but we do have some bike trials riders as old as 45 in our Denver riding group.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, check these out:


I posted so many videos because they are all amazing and different (styles, environments, bikes, people) and I want to stoke some interest here in CO where it is already growing in popularity.

Bike trials skills, just like moto trials skills, translate directly into slow-speed dirt bike riding skills, i.e. very, very useful.

And there's a trials bike for sale on CL right now...:busted:

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See that's why I posted so many videos, I knew at least someone would love every damn one. And hopefully that'll get at least one person interested in actually riding bike trials. Many bike trials guys I ride with also ride dirt-bikes. And few I only know of from a bike trials forum ride moto-trials as well.

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Well, not the response I was hoping for...oh well :bonk:

If anyone is interested in actually picking up this sport, check out these two sites to get a better feel for beginning to ride bike trials:


-Check out the regional forums towards the bottom, particularly the "Mountain States" one :busted: As well as the Beginner Forum.


-This site is the number one tutorial guide for bicycle trials. It explains and demonstrates everything you need to know as far as technique, from beginning rider skills to expert level skills.

Occasionally used bikes come up for sale locally.


You could offer this guy $300-350 and he'd probably bite, not much of a demand for trials bikes so prices are very reasonable compared to modern mountain bike retail prices. And you'd be able to have fun all damn winter just in the space of your garage with a couple of pallets and old tires.

Or you can buy them used off of members of observedtrials.net (For Sale section) or from a few online retailers such as trialspads.com, trialparts.net, webcyclery.com, or midwestbiketrials.com. New complete bikes run from $700-$2500.

Happy riding :busted:

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