New 2010 YZ450 price???

Hey guys,

Looking for a new 2010 leftover and found one about 2hrs from where I live. The salesman said he would match the best price that I could find so I was wondering if anyone has come across any good deals at your local dealer so that I can send him match pricing.

I will probably spend hours looking tonight but thought this might be the best place to ask.


What's his price OTD? Seems a little late for left over 2010s

lol, There is one in canada for $9500 OTD. I went to 3 dealers, all within a 60miles of each and each quoted me $9500 OTD. One was a 2010/2011 and 2012.

I can buy a 2011 from Ohio and have it delivered for $7,100. Just thought I might save $$ getting a 2010 left over and thought maybe a dealer would be more willing to get rid of that bike.

The difference between the retail values on between an 11 and a 10 is $800 (6100-5300) I saw several new 11's on sale for local pickup on eBay for $6000. So I would expect to pick up the 10 for $800 less than your best deal on an 11. Good luck!

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