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98 Xr100 runs different in the cold weather, revs high @ idle...

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I just bought a 98 xr100 off my buddy for my gf. He said the bike has always ran great. The last time they cranked it was this summer and he said it ran fine. He cranked it this fall when I went to pick it up and for some reason it sits at idle like the throttle is half twisted, revd up?? So he tried changing a jet in it. Couldn't figure it out. Then he just ordered me a whole new carb and had it sent to my house bc it was only $30, and the jet was $15, so were hoping a fresh carb will fix it. I called my tuner today and he said its still gonna have the same problem. I haven't been able to put it on yet bc I have to put a new throttle cable on it bc the stock one has the top of the carb attached to it and the cap doesn't fit the new carb. Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong, do you think a whole new carb will just solve it and if it doesn't, what direction should I head in besides the dirtbike shop:bonk:

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