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Wonderful ACLR experience

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Usually the words ACL reconstruction and Wonderful don't go together.. but I have to give it up to Dr. Mark Sanders and his crew!

In May I tore my ACL and meniscus at a Loretta Lynn's qualifier. I had an MRI the day I got home and as soon as my results were in I was on the phone with Dr. Mark. The fact that he got back to me in such a quick manner and was willing to answer as many questions as I had was awesome!

He even went as far as giving me his cell phone number incase my mom, my prehab therapist, or I had any questions for him!!

Exactly 4 weeks after my injury I was in Gainesville, TX for pre-op and had surgery the following day. I had my surgery at 7am and was standing up under my own power at 1pm the same day!! I started physical therapy the next day with Alan and worked on strengthening both of my legs and walking with propper gait. Over the next 7 days I had physical therapy daily, Alan even came in on THE FOURTH OF JULY:worthy:, just to work with me because I was flying home the next afternoon.

When i returned home, I chose to continue my physical therapy on my own following a strict program Dr. Mark and Alan Developed which included exercises they developed, stationary biking, and weight training.

At three months out, I returned to Gainesville, TX to meet with Dr. Mark and get my medical clearance. I can say that this was honestly the first time I was ever excited about going to a doctors office! Michelle, Shela, Dr. Mark, and Alan all remembered me and asked how I was doing as well as how my mom was(she was there for the surgery). After my follow up I received my clearance and went riding the next day.

My first time riding I was cautious as anyone would be when recovering from a major surgery, however within two short motos I forgot that I ever had knee surgery, it felt stronger then before I got hurt!

I am now five months out of surgery and have been riding 2-3 times a week. My knee feels great and I'm back up to speed. I will be attending my first race since surgery in a few weeks at the Wilkes Barre round of the AMA Arenacross series.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mark and his staff to anyone who has suffered any type of injury. The cost of the flight and hotel was my main concern when choosing to see Dr. Mark, but after this experience, I will only see him for injuries from now on.

The peace of mind that comes from Dr. Mark and his staff is more then worth the cost of a flight and hotel.

Dr. Mark, Michelle, Sheila, and Alan I hope you all see this and read it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me over the past months. Hopefully I will see you next summer on my way to the Freestone National!

Andrew Flood

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