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250 vs 125

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They age old debate. I trackday my SV 650, not seriously, im still in the novice group. I rode motocross when I was little but not a lot. I have suddenly had a huge impulse to try it again. Trouble is, im a very poor college student. I can find a ton of older 250's (95 and older) that are in my price range under $1000. But I know I should really be on a 125. But the only 125's I find are modified to the hills and are astronomically priced. Would I be better off on a 250 or just look very hard for a 125? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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mate if you can get a 250 cheaper go for it

IMHO for the reason is A. its cheaper B. you will be upgradeing off the 125 in a year anyways

the 125 is a great bike to learn on but if you have some self controll get the 250 you will be fine

you will only go as fast as your wrist lets you

and a 250 2 stroke will be unforgiveing on mistakes but treat it with respect you will be fine

i started on a yz490 2 stroke and im not dead

have a cr250 bored and stroked to a 295 an still have the yz490

i only weigh 72kg - 144lb and a height of 6'2 ft

im a leightweight lol

and honestly i dont have any problems

just use your head and dont get cocky ive been rideing since i was 15 and im now 24

and on anouther note have a try of a 250 and a try on a 125 before you buy them as power come sin very differant and go for the 1 you like and feel confitable on

the right bike for one person is very differant for anouther person

and if you can try and get a bike with at least a alloy frame / the lastest year model you can afford that in good shape

my cr250 is as light if not lighter then my yz125 cause the cr250 has the alloy frame

feels lighter anyways

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125s are heaps of fun to ride.. My favorite bikes to ride .. But I weigh in a 200 lbs so around 210 lbs in full gear so I'm a little on the heavy side to be pulled around by one .. A 125 teach you proper riding techniques that are pretty valuable .. For a 1000 bucks u should be able to scoop up a 98-2000 125 .. I'd stick with yamaha for them years . I think you'd be better off on newer bike (better handling , suspension, technology) and a 125 will haul u around just fine.

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