On-road/Off-road Sprockets

16 might be hard to fit without getting rid of the case guard and trimming the chain slider.

I run a 15 / 44 and that lets the bike top out at 98 mph right before the limiter (GPS indicated)

Droning along at 65 mph is 6300 RPM with this ratio, and it seems happy enough doing it.

Tight(er) back roads the bike lives between 6000 - 9000. Never into the limiter. It'll do that for 200 mi. a day.

I have an 03 and just went from the stock 14-50 to 14-48 to get a little more top end for the times I am on pavement connecting trails. I did notice the loss of some of the torque, but the 450 still has enough power to handle the gearing. Made cruising at 50-55 less stress on the motor. Stock chain length still worked as well.

I attempted to take mine down the road to to cruise and see how she felt on the road. All was well until I was informed that I was dripping gas! Apparently my carb drain plug fell out because SOMEONE forgot to tighten it after the last jet change... DOOOOOH!!!!!

Anyway, I didn't have any issue getting up to about 60 MPH before I had to turn around and head back, she ran wonderfully and sounded great! I just would rather get to that speed at a little lower RPM than I was. I know, I know, either I get it geared for speed and lose the low end, or I gear it for what it was made for and have to travel on the highway at less than traffic (which is fine). I'm just debating on which sprocket I should change... I'd rather not have a nice little collection of sprockets hanging around as I try to find a combination I like.

Yo-its gonna be whats more important to you-off road capability or how it goes on the street..i have a ZX9 for the street- so my plated wr400 is more for dirt type riding and is geared accordingly to suit the terrain i encounter..my gearing for the wr :15/47 -best compromise for speed at top end [to reduce engine revs] and low enough not to bung up the clutching action at slow single or two track trails that i ride upon.....:lol:

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