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Couldn't fix jetting, so just bought a whole new carb, it was cheaper...

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I bought a 98 XR100 for my gf from my buddy. He said it ran like a champ this summer and hasn't cranked it til recently (weather change) and now it idles like its 1/2 throttle open. He went to the local shop and they told him to replace the slow jet w/ a 38mm slow jet. Still didn't work, so he just bought a whole new carb off Ebay for $30 since the shop wanted to charge $70 just to look at it, then charge whatever to fix it. My tuner said its still going to have the same problem. Anyways, I have the new carb, but the stock throttle cable has the stock carb cap attached to it and doesn't fit on the new carb because it's to small. Can I cut this cap off and put the cable thru the new cap? Will this work? Since I have to buy a new cable without the cap anyway?




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Don't understand why you need a new carb. Just a new can of worms.

Your 'shop' is clueless.

Can you tell us if the slide drops all the way when the throttle is off?

Have you checked for air leaks?

Yea, I dunno! Thats just what my buddy and his mechanic friend/or shop guy thought would be the easiest/cheapest thing to do. He just had a new carb sent to me! Where do I check for leaks? I will in the am. Slide? Gotta coach me on this stuff, I'm not completely up to carb/jetting snuff.:busted:

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