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04 Oil pump issue...

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My brother has an 04 that recently started having some issues. Riding along and suddenly start coughing and sputtering until dying. Did the usual checks, carb, etc and no luck.

Read about the chance of some metal bits causing and ignition issue and checking revealed a bit of glitter.....inside the stator cover.

During the process noticed the oil pump drive gear "ears" were cracked and replaced the gear and added a new snap ring. Cleaned and flushed everything as best possible and re-assembled to see if the issue had been corrected. (knowing we still need to find the cause)

Alas first kick and the new gear broke, it seems perhaps the oil pump is now jammed or siezed perhaps? Oh good times.....LOL (no plug wire connected to prevent ignition)

We haven't pulled the pick-up as of yet or dug any deeper into the issue...

Just kind of throwing this out there to see if anyone has had any experience with either issue, the "glitter" or the oil pump.


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Its not the oil pump producing the "glitter". It's probably the main bearings on the crank, or the rod bearing.

You've got bigger problems than the oil pump drive gear. Id pull the head and cylinder check the rod.

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