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Turn signals wireling. Help to connect

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I bought a second hand XR400 2001. The previous owner has completely removed the tail light and turn signals and cut the wires.

As for my turn signals are vital, i ordered a set. Now i went to the bike and saw that under the seat are coming 5 wires, those that connect to the rear guard (that holds the licence plate).

Those wires are:

1) Green (2 wires)

2) Brown

3) Light blue-White

4) Yellow

The turn signals are universal having two wires each. Black and red.

Any help how to connect the wires? In the service manual i could see about the tail light , not for the turn signals.

Thank you.

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First thing is to check the wires on the turn signals to find the one that is bonded to the bulb socket or bracket, that color is ground for the turn signal lights. I can't find my notes but my memory is Honda wiring color codes are green for ground, brown for tail light, blue for hi beam, white for low beam, Yellow and pink wires are alternator out put. The XR400s didn't have turn signals, brake light or Hi/Lo beams, so the PO added them. So you should trace the the wire colors on your bike (I use a multimeter) , also Honda often splices different color wires inside the loom but the the following diagram will help sort it out.


The following link has other XR wiring diagrams that may also help plan your installation. http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/

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Thank you for the reply.

I think in Greece the XR was coming with turn lights to be street legal.

I also found some images how the XR would look like with the OEM turn signals


Under the tail there is also a mounting point for the tail lights. I will have a look at the link you gave me as well.

Thank you and i might come back in case i see that i cant figure out :busted:

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Yours sounds similar to the Australian model which has hi/low beam, brake/tail lights, turn signals etc.

On the Aussie model:

-Green is earth

-Brown is tail light

-Light blue/White is right turn signal

-Orange is left turn signal

-Green/Yellow is brake light

To wire your indicators, I would attach the red wires to the Light blue/White (RH) and Orange (LH) wires on the bike, and the black wires to the Green earth wires.

Not sure about the Yellow wire (No 4 in your list); is it yellow, or Green/yellow?

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Ok i finally made it (i just didnt have the time to post it earlier :bonk: )

Unfortunately the turn signals i bought are not as bright as i would want them, but still better than nothing.

What i did not know is that the turn signals do not flush but remain constantly on when using them. Is it just my bike or is it normal ? :smirk:

Furthermore, after putting the led turn signals, the turn signal indicator does not light anymore (the green light on the tachometer) . First i thought it was the bulb , but i noticed that when i use the turn signal it turns just for half a second and then it is off. So i do forget sometimes the turn signals on. How can this be fixed ?

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