Help starting new 04 YZ450

Picked up my friends new 04 tonight for him. Will not start. I have owned a 426 before & familiar with the old starting procedure but this is supposed to have auto compression release. I have kicked till blue, changed plug & kicked till blue again. There is gas in tank. What am I missing?

Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks for any help.

did you try turning the idle speed adjustment knob clockwise a turn or two?

new ones can just be a bear to start, my 01 YZ426 was like you describe and then decided to start

good luck


Ummm... did you make sure the it's turned "on". :)(button behind right side of headlight, red light indicates "on").

Mine needs when cold- Choke on- 3 to 4 twists of throttle- then no throttle while kicking. Usually starts 1st or 2nd try. :D

oops, sorry, YZ, my bad. :)

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