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02 cr250 cracked head Help please

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I decided to rebuild the top end on my bike because i probably have about 70 hours on the origionall piston. I could tell that thier was not a whole lot of compression left. I tore it down the other day and the piston shows wear on the skirt front and back. it has some pretty nasty groovs worn in it. I inspected the head and i noticed what appears to be a small hairline crack were the exhuast valve is. the small bridge thing that runs inbetween the two sides of the exhuast valve. The poston had a good mark on it were it has been going over it. So.... what are my options here? is it possible to get it welded? can i bore it out to a 265 and get it replated? should i buy a new cyl? I was planning on getting the head milled about 10 thousands of an inch and to bump compression a little bit. but after i saw the crack i dont know what i should do. Thier is a local shop here in tucson that does motorcycle engine work. They are really good and can do pretty much anyhting.

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