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Frustrated -- Spring rates.

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Howdy TT pals,

Looking to re-spring my bike!

First off... 2007 DR-Z400sm, I weigh 185lbs in the buff, 200-205 lbs in full leathers/gear.

Based on RaceTech's calculator for "supermoto", I should be looking for the following springs:

- Rear: 5.7kg/mm

- Front: 0.55mm/kg

Front seems a bit stiff, but I'd love for someone wiser than myself to give their opinion before I spend $200.

Do those numbers seem appropriate?

Thanks guys.

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I got my .52 from Eddie (Sisneros Speed Works). I haven't had a chance to install them as yet. We're about the same size though, Race Tech hasn't steered me wrong yet...

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