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California >>> The FINAL ACT in Cal-City <<<

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Triple Points Paid - Course: 17 miles

Rating 4.8 (10 = Fast / 1 = Very slow)

SuperCourse #6

This is it! The final event of our 2011 season and the end of the 7th year of putting on these events is finally upon us.

Many of the champions will be decided after this event. It's going to be a slam-bam-thank-you-mam race!

We said we would have a surprise for you, and we almost pulled it off. Now we can tell you what we have been working on for a while, because it is NOT going to happen, but it could have.

We spoke with the prison warden last year and asked if we could lay out part of our racecourse for the final event in 2011, "inside" the prison walls, but on areas where the prisoners could watch the racing behind several tall fences. Back then, it looked like it could happen. This was going to be a treat for the prisoners during the Holiday Season. Then the prison closed and re-opened with different management.

Last week it all faded because they have moved-in high-security, high-risk prisoners, and according to the new warden, she said that "it sounds like fun," but the prisoners will not be able to see any of the race because they are confined to their specific areas of their cells, which are not visible. Big Tim Bumber! It would have been fun and unique.

But don't despair. Don't fret; we still have a great 17-mile course that it is on the technical side (4.8 rating) and won't give you too much time to run wide open unless you are a gorilla. And the surprise?


Bikes and quads should negotiate most of it. UTVs, we've laid out several easier courses this year to encourage you guys to make our events, but you haven't responded in kind. WE still want you and think you'll have a blast with us, but…

For this last event of the season we are laying out a special course for this THE FINAL ACT in CAL-CITY, that will be a bit tougher and tighter, challenging, scary, thrilling, butt-puckering sections, although we do offer you several "either/or options," just to keep you in the game.

We are paying "triple points" and as a result, we have to make it worth something just to finish and be a finisher. Besides, we have ordered the best weather you could expect for that time of the. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THIS ONE EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE RUNNING FOR THE POINTS! PERIOD!

Everyone must use lower gearing, tougher tires and more pressure to get through all this stuff, but nothing is impassable as we mark the course with our 1995 Jeep! Of course, that white beast may never be the same again. But it's going to be a fun and challenging course.

The course is laid out within a four-mile radius so it will make it easier to keep tabs on everyone.

As we said, we have several sections of the course which are either/or, meaning that you can take either trail (see trails marked with fluorescent green on the map below). You will not be penalized for taking the green trail.

We strongly suggest you pre-run on Friday, December 9, between Noon and 4 p.m.

Here is a picture of the tentative course. It will be ready to pre-run by Friday, December 9 at Noon to 4 p.m.:

Please check our website: www.altavistaevemnts.com or e-mail to: info@altavistaevents.com

Mail entries to:

P.O. Box 2141, California City, CA 93504

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December 9-10, 2011

Racers entered in the SuperCourse #6, Beginner Class will race for only 90 minutes instead of the 3-hour time limit for all other classes, in this Triple-Points paying final event of the season.

There is a group of racers who will be racing with us for the first time and wish to race but they felt that the three-hours is a bit much for them.

Therefore, and it makes sense, the Beginner Class will be scored for the first 90-minutes of the event. They will also be issued special numbers (900+), which will assist scorers to determine when each has completed the Super-C within their time limit.

Lastly, Beginners will start last after all classes have left the line in 15-second intervals.

The course is 17-miles long and is rated on the "technical" side.

It pays "Triple Points" which will help determine Class Championships in a number of classes.

Pre-running opens Friday, December 9 from 12 Noon until 4 p.m.

Send your entry in by faxing to our new toll free fax number: 1-877.842.3052

Friday registration at: Start/Finish, Proctor and 138th, from 6 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

People signing up on race day Saturday, December 10, add $25.00 "late fee" to the regular entry.

For more details, contact us at info@altavistaevents.com or info4@altavistaevents.com or call 760-373-8227.


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