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He IS the man !

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So as MANY of you know Stuart who now runs "JACKS" is the best customer service giver in the trials industry, here is example of why... Last Monday as i was traveling to Biloxi MS for work , I called Stuart to order a couple of parts ( to get my new GG dialed) and he was on the road as well so he asked me to shoot him an EMAIL when i could w/ a list of what i needed and shipping info, i said OK, well I got busy and forgot to email him.... At 8pm he was still thinking about me and my order , Stuart called me and reminded me ..... I was amazed at this level of customer service. He could have just as easily called the next day but he said" he figured i would need the parts before the weekend !!" He is THE ONLY person i will order parts from , from this point forward ... PERIOD !!! Thanks Stuart ...I think a trip to BAMA would do you good this winter !! Escape the snow and ice and come ride some of the finest trials terrain ever, we would love to have you !! Chad:cheers:

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