FCR39MX carb, I Need one bad!!!

Anyone out there know where I can get a WR450F FCR39 carb, I have a bad housing and need to replace the throttle body or the whole carb.. Yamaha wants your 1st and 2nd born for one..$850.00.. Any ideas would be appreciated!!!! Big Jim :):D :D

Another option would be an edlebrock pumper carb. It might be a little cheaper. :)

Definitly go with the edelbrock. It requires minimal adjustment(it has no jets) never floods and if you need to adjust the needle you dont have to take anything apart. Also no adjustment for altitude. The carb rules. And is about 400. Hope this helps. Go to barnums pro shop to buy it. - D :)

I have an extra carb that was for my 99 YZ400. The carb is complete except for missing the float bowl. I don't know if some of the parts would carry over to the 03 WR carb or not. I got the $800 sticker shock when it happened to me, because they would sell parts for the carb. I would let it go pretty cheap, but the Edelbrock carb would definitely be a good alternative.


If there was a choice between a Edelbrock carb and a brick with a hole in it I would take the brick.

If there was a choice between a Edelbrock carb and a brick with a hole in it I would take the brick.

Dude you crack me up :)

Why do you say that? Have you had one? I had one and absolutley loved it. :)

Yeah, what's the story on the pumper carb, I put one on a Maico many years ago but don't know much about the application to a new four stroke. Are you sure they even make one that fits the 450?? I don't think the 400 carb is a 39....Interesting note though!!! I can get the 39 keihnin that fits on the CRF450 for HALF the price as the Yamaha part... Go figure... Does this mean that Yamaha is really looking out for my best interest and I just don't realize it?? Starting to lean toward a red 450 when they get one with wr tranny and lights... :D:):D Big Jim

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