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2012 300 EXC Idle question??

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I have a 300 EXC SixDays 2012 and am just under the 10 hr service mark (first KTM ever, 2nd bike and first new bike also).

Yesterday while riding I noticed that the bike died several occasions while on idle and in slow throttle range.

The bike is jetted as it came from the dealership and I have not touched the adjusting screw or the idle adjusting screw.

The bike also does not backfire, fail o anything like that.. it runs excellent with the green PV Spring and 1:60 ratio with unleaded fuel at about 250-300 meters ASL.

do you think I need to rejet or adjust the screws??


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certainly adjust the air screw and or the idle screw.....that is what they are there for. the bike will run differently depending on altitude, temperature, or humidity or a combination . this is why the adjustments are possible.


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