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TTR 230 jetting

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Altitude=5,500 feet.

Airbox and exhaust mod done

PJ: Moved up to 38

MJ: Came with 128, currently running 130.

Fuel Screw: 1.5 turns


Bottom end is fine. No bog from idle. When in 4 and 5 gear, in full throttle the big bogs down from mid to full.

Two questions: Should I go up to a 132 or 135.

Where do I find a TK jet? I called my dealer and they had not idea. All they could get is a 125.

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I found these on ServiceHonda.com (yes, they sell Yamaha parts):

JET,MAIN #130 (288-14343-65-00) $4.90 $4.52

JET,MAIN #132.5 (288-14355-66-00) $4.90 $4.52

JET,MAIN #135 (288-14343-68-00) $4.90 $4.52

JET,MAIN #140 (288-14343-70-00) $4.90 $4.52

MAIN JET #146 (288-14343-73-00) $4.90 $4.52

The first price is retail, the second price is SH price.

There are others, but I stopped here.

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