2007 WR450 Cutting out

I have a 2007 WR450 that I converted to a supermotard. The bike runs flawlessly until I run it hard. Even 2 minutes on the freeway at high RPM's and the bike will start to sputter and eventually shut off. It will start back up with no problems. Really weird. When riding around town not at high speeds it will also run flawless. ANY IDEAS... NEED HELP!

to me I'd check spark. When's the last time you put a new plug into it?

to me it sounds like you are running out of fuel. Bike sits.Gas trickles into the bowl and you're ready to go again.

Check fuel line flow + Amount of gas in the tank.Maybe clean the fuel valve screen.Check your gas cap breather line not to be kinked.

If it still does it pull off the little one way in line valve in the breathed tube.I've seen them fail as aftermarket parts,never a OEM part yet.But something is wrong with your bike

+1 fuel starvation

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