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Before I go insane... 01 CR125

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I redid the bottom end on a CR 125 that I acquired not running. When I took the fly wheel off the stator was all split open so when I reassembled the engine I put on a new stator. Unfortunately there was no spark. I checked everything and discovered an electrical leak, took off the flywheel, and low and behold I had torn up my brand new stator! There was some rust and the flywheel looked terrible so I assumed it was the flywheel...

I had an 02 CR 125 Stator and flywheel so I put that on the bike, and kicked and kicked with no damage to the stator. Confused, I bought another 2001 cr125 stator, and tried it with a 2002 flywheel. I only rotated it once and saw there was some rubbing so I immediately stopped before I did any real damage. I dont understand how because the flywheels look and measure almost identical!

So now what!? Am I installing the stator plate wrong? Is that possible its only two bolts? I would think The crank had some wobble but its new bearings, new crank shaft, and with the 02 stator, and 02 flywheel it works fine. Could I just put an 02 ICM and ignition coil on there and run that system? Should work?

Please help; I am going crazy and want to get this bike running without spending much more money.:busted::banghead::busted:

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